Veracus GmbH is an internationally operating scientific enterprise that is focused on application-oriented research and product development for healthy and sustainable nutrition for humans and animals.

The platform of our work is based on the four pillars of veterinary medicine, animal nutrition, epidemiology and modern application technologies.

Veracus GmbH develops and markets functional dietary supplements for humans, as well as functional feed, premixes and feed additives for pets, livestock and aquaculture on the basis of valuable and sustainable raw commodities such as colostrum.

The developed products are implemented preventively or as supportive measures in the treatment of specific diseases according to their dietary and functional characteristics.

Incidentally, the name Veracus stands for veracious, which is synonymous to our philosophy (vrai = french).

In order to satisfy the growing needs of our customers, Veracus GmbH acquired a production facility in Heeslingen, which is located in the center of the milk belt of Northern Germany, close to Zeven (Lower Saxony).

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