Based on our collective knowledge gathered over the past 20 years and the latest findings, we continuously develop new products for humans and animals. Our pipeline is full of product ideas in various stages of development.

All of our products arise from our development plans based on the Veracus standard.

  • First, we evaluate potential recipe components, checking for all relevant scientific information from internal and external data bases.
  • Then we check the possibility of processing the materials in our technical centre in order to test the suitability for various product formats. For this purpose, a comprehensive analysis is carried out for the product evaluation.
  • This is followed by approval testing, production testing under standard conditions and testing under field conditions with various age, performance and illness groups. Further analyses for the testing of product quality accompany all of these development stages.
  • Only then are the products approved for marketing and for the meaningful product profiles created for the appropriate areas of application. In this connection, it is important to provide consumers with all the important information in a comprehensible and concise manner, and in consideration of the legal requirements.
  • For us, transparent product development is a matter of course.

Annual audits and inspections ensure that our quality demands are not only maintained, but enhanced – for the benefit of both man and animal!

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