Contract Research

Contract Research

As a Contract Research Organization (CRO), Veracus GmbH conducts multinational clinical trials for veterinary pharmaceuticals as well as pet food, supplements and feed additives.

As a link between science and concrete applications, Veracus GmbH provides innovative advisory functions and carries out applied research with a focus on animal health and nutrition.

The close cooperation with partners from industries, science, national and international organizations and select animal collectives establishes a stable foundation for our work and provides a basis for individual research and development activities.

We are distinguished by our streamlined organization, our flexibility and exclusive access to outstanding testing collectives in combination with a competitive price/performance ratio.

We offer tailored projects, which are implemented rapidly and precisely, at a fair price.

Advantages for the consumer include:

- Rapid and efficient execution lowers costs

- Operations with indications relevant to the market are available for testing, both nationally and internationally

- Throughout the work of biosystemics, the customer’s resources are freed up for ulterior use


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